Andrew Zeiter is a Photographer/Cinematographer whose work  has spanned the narrative, commercial, and documentary realms.  Originally from Ithaca, NY Andrew spent over a decade working professionally in Chicago, until he moved to Brooklyn, where he now resides, and works professionally.  He’s a graduate of the film program at Columbia College Chicago.  

His collaborative, stylish, focused and personal approach has resulted in numerous collaborations with leading artists across different fields,  including Chance The Rapper, Wyclef Jean, Artpentry,  Vic Mensa, Upendo, Action Bronson and many more.  

His featured work both in print and online include, Complex, The Fader, Vice Magazine, GreenRoom Magazine, FakeShoreDrive, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Mountain Dew, Axe, and Revlon among others. His work has received Gold at the Clios, and a Silver Lion at Cannes 2019. 

Andrew is currently working as a Director of Photography in NYC .

Contact: Andrewpaulzeiter@gmail.com